Founded Over 50 Years Ago To Serve Bishop, CA

Bishop Real Estate Rasmuson & Associates was founded over 30 years ago by LeeAnn Rasmuson, a fourth generation Bishop native, in 1980. We are a trusted name in the area, familiar with all the local markets and capable of delivering the results our clients need. Whether you are buying, selling or managing real estate, you will find the support you need from our company.

We have access to resources that many of our competitors just cannot match. Equally important, we are a locally owned and operated company, with deep ties to the local community. We understand the rental market here in a way that few others do, and we utilize this knowledge to get our clients the results they need most from their valuable investments.

We combine proven property management techniques with the latest technologies, including a range of online services, to provide the best service we can to the customers that we serve.